Day 3 – 3 films

Payback (World Documentary): A Margaret Atwood philosophical essay on the multiple manifestations and obligations of debt turned into a movie?  Are you kidding me?  Surprisingly, it works.  This one is a must see.  Director Jennifer Baichwal is a master. Check out her last Sundance entry, Manufactured Landscapes.

With Jennifer Baichwal, director of Payback

with Margaret Atwood, author of the book Payback

The Orator (Spotlight): Situated in Samoa, and made entirely on location in Samoa with Samoan production crew and Samoan artists, this film’s themes center around debt, punishment, and forgiveness.  Themes all treated in Payback.
Filly Brown (US Dramatic): A good show to see if you want insight into Los Angeles sub-culture of Latino hip-hop, drug dealing, and misogynist violence.  It feels authentic.  For a 3rd time today debt, punishment, and forgiveness take center stage.

With Filly Brown directors Youssef Delara and Michael Olmos

with Chrissie Fit, actress in Filly Brown