Where Do We Go Now? Updated

Fun film, but further review still to come. [ETA: is now up!] I did, however, get a picture with the lovely director, Nadine Labaki, and her husband, Khaled Mouzanar, who composed the music. Yay for Q&A!

With Nadine Labeki and Khaled Mouzannar at SLC Where Do We Go Now? screening

I obviously did not read the film guide very thoroughly because when the strains of the first musical number began, I was definitely confused. However, the musical numbers grew on me. Where Do We Go Now? is about rising tensions between Muslim and Christian men in a small Lebanese town and the efforts of the women to prevent an outbreak of violence. This film was fine-tuned, carefully balancing tension and humor, drawing the audience in. The final twist had the entire theater laughing. I am not surprised that this film is on track to break the sales records in Lebanon set by Titanic and Avatar. Not only was the day gorgeous outside, but the change in weather meant that the people behind the film could trek down from Park City! I liked the film even more after hearing the director speak about her aim to raise awareness and tolerance and her firm belief in cinema as a force for social change.