It’s Sundance Time!

Hello World!  Are you there?  Are you listening?  2011 has come and gone.  It’s a new year – and a new SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL!!!!!!!  Yipee!!!!!!!  Are we excited?  Yes we are!  Tonight’s choices: Robot and Frank, and, um, undecided.  Will figure it out later today.  Watch for film reviews tomorrow morning.


I’m ready!

It’s finally (finally!) the 19th of January and that means that the Sundance Film Festival 2012 has officially started! Sometimes it seems like the longest wait in the world (well, my 6-year-old self at Christmastime might beg to differ.) However, although the date indicates that things are underway, it’s not yet apparent down here in Salt Lake City. It is quiet and peaceful downtown, and moviegoers aren’t yet running along 3rd south to catch the next showing. It might be a different story up in Park City, with five movies this evening (The Queen of Versailles kicked off barely 15 minutes ago) and parties all night long, but that’s part of the joy of experiencing Sundance in Salt Lake – we get (nearly) all the movies and (practically) none of the crowds!

This year my mother and I (I’m Nan, by the way – hi!) will be posting here in order to share our adventures with our friends, new and old, near and far. With our locals passes we’ll see as many films as we can over the next 10 days and tell you all about it – our humble opinions about the movies we catch, reports about what directors and actors shared during post-viewing Q&As, and other glimpses of one of the annual cultural highlights in Utah. Ideally, we’ll see at least one film from each of the eleven categories in order to sample the breadth of the festival. I am pleased to report that last year I saw 23 movies in 8 categories in comparison to my mother’s respective 22 and 7.

I’m not a filmmaker or film student or film connoisseur by any means, but I enjoy nearly every minute of Sundance, from meeting new people while standing in line to collapsing in bed after a long day of movies (it’s exhausting, I tell you!) Salt Lake shows a whole different  side during these cold days in January and it’s fun to be here.