1/2 Revolution to start the day… more on the way!

After a hectic morning of picking up visitors, meetings, and more, I made it to my first film of the day, ½ Revolution.  It was fine.  I didn’t love it and I certainly won’t watch it again, primarily because the jerky footage was headache inducing.  As the filmmakers ran around the chaos of Cairo, I began to get vertigo.  Also, the film simply didn’t flow.  Yes, there was a timeline, but there was no exploration or resolution.  Yes, the title does suggest this lack of resolution, for the revolution is ongoing, but the film suffered from a lack of construction and introspection.  There is certainly good, powerful footage, but either there was not enough time or emotional distance to do justice to the complex issues surrounding the Egyptian Revolution.  However, this film was a great reminder of events that happened only (!) one year ago – I stood in lines at Sundance last year discussing these events.  I got to relive this bit of history from a different perspective and with an incredible immediacy.

I’m grabbing a quick bite to eat after The Queen of Versailles and an update will be on the way later.