Kate – Day 8 (Friday)

#23 – The Moo Man: Speaking of cows, which no one was doing, why are they always staring and chewing? Staring at people, chewing on clover, doing the same things over and over. Once in a while you see a cow mooing, or swishing its tail at a fly that needs shooing. Most of the time though, what’s a cow doing? Standing and staring, munching and chewing. Eyes never blinking. Jaw always moving. What’s a cow thinking? What’s a cow proving? Cows mustn’t care for new ways of doing. That’s what they stand for. That’s why they’re chewing. (Actually, this is a poem by Kaye Starbird which I memorized back in elementary school. I couldn’t resist.)
#24 – The East: A compact double-spy thriller. Limited gore, sex & shoot-em-up, although has a great scene of an amateur performing surgery in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. Fun to watch, but I don’t think I would make the effort to go see it at the theater when it comes out. You might, though.
#25 – Inequity for All: “Inequality for all looks at the topic of widening income inequality through the lens of noted economic policy expert Robert Reich.” Quoted from the homepage of the film’s website http://www.inequalityforall.com, this concise statement fully and accurately summarizes the film’s topic. I could not do better. Also, I am not interested in sharing my opinion on the topic. This review will solely discuss the film’s merits as a film. Tightly scripted and edited, the topic was uni-dimensional and clear to the point of being propaganda. It felt like a 90-minute condensation of the subject’s UC Berkeley course “Wealth and Poverty.” And, while I have not read Reich’s book Inequality for All, I have no doubt that that the film is a close re-hashing of the same material. This is what what contemporary idea people do. They get one idea and then market it through as many different media as possible, each time acting as if the message is unique AND original.

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