Kate – Day 6 (Wednesday)

#17 – There Will Come a Day: I liked this quiet drama from Italy (and Brazil). Along with the cinematography, there was beautiful use of silence and non-verbal communication as the Catholic protagonist sought out her inner-spirit through meaningful work. Depiction of the favelas was self-contradictory. On one hand, characters were desperate to escape its seediness. On the other, the images and discussion of community conveyed a beautiful place to grow-up and live. Confusing.
Question: There are many and varied images of water illustrating your protagonist’s journey. Why did you include so much water? What meaning do you feel that the water brings to your film? 
Answer: (After pondering what the f— kind of idiot asks why images of water are in a film set on the Amazon river.) Well, it adds realism to the film so the viewer knows exactly where we are. Aside from that, The water represents the mother and the womb from which this woman will find and re-birth her soul.
#18 – The Spectacular Now: A coming-of-age story of a teenager who doesn’t quite manage to come of age, despite the director’s best attempts. The amount of drinking and driving was obscene, even if the kids are all wearing seatbelts. Definite fontal-lobe issues in this flick. I wouldn’t let my teenager see this one.
Question: The use of water, particularly in a shower scene, typically represents soul-cleansing and purification and signals a fundamental change in the character. Your character’s change does not occur until much later in the movie, so I am wondering what meaning or symbolism you wanted the viewer to understand from him taking a shower. 
Answer: Several minutes ramble which basically said “I don’t know.”
#19 – Afternoon Delight: I am so over 30-something film directors who can’t get beyond the excitement of their genitalia. Grow up. There is life beyond cliches. This was supposed to be a funny comedy. I should have gone to see Manhunt, the one about the CIA looking for Osama bin Laden.
Question: There are many different environments in which the supporting lead could disclose her profession to her new friends, and you chose to have her swimming in a pool as she discussed being a full-service sex worker. Why did you choose this setting? What meaning is to be found in it?
Answer: As the scene was originally shot, the blond dives further and further downward in the pool as she reveals layered aspects of her work, and the housewife protagonist follows her to the deepest parts. This imagery foreshadows the plot to come. Unfortunately, due to time and budget constraints, the fullness of this scene had to be cut from the film. (ed. – Thank goodness!)

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