Kate’s Opening Day in Salt Lake City

#1 – Google and the World Brain: This is really about Google’s attempt to digitize the world’s libraries for the sake of democracy, so “anyone anywhere can have any information any time,” according to utopian statements by Google’s leaders. Sounds great, until you realize that what Google is really doing is gaining a monopoly on information to which it will eventually control access for Google’s own profit and power. Is this really what you want? No sex was used in the making of this movie.
#2 – Shorts Program II: As per Sundance standards, a ranging mix of student and young-professional films. Lofty artistic ambition is typically matched by lack of focus. Sex is generally gratuitous, more for practice in filming it than for anything else. Even I could do better than that. The notable exception was “Skin,” about a young boy trying really, really hard to be kind and thoughtful and do the right thing, and ultimately not quite getting it. Poignant.

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