The 2013 Film Guide has arrived!

Have I mentioned how excited I am for Sundance? If you haven’t heard, I’M SUPER PUMPED! Especially because the film guide just arrived! I’ve been checking the mail every day since they released this year’s films in early December. I mean, I read all of the blurbs online immediately, of course, but there’s something so nice about having this sleek booklet finally in my hands to flip through and study. I love the feel and the smell of the paper and having everything in one place and looking at all the photos and analyzing the schedules. I’m totally geeking out.

I thought that I might be able to list some of the films that I’m most excited about. Wishful thinking – I want to see them all! This, however, is probably because the blurbs have been restricted to 1-2 sentences, as opposed to the usual 2 paragraphs, so it’s a lot harder to get a sense of what the films are about. Apparently I’m supposed to “Check the website or mobile app for full description and content information.” Boo on that, SFF. I did call office, though, and have been reassured that the big catalog will have the full descriptions.

So here’s my attempt at a to-be-seen list:

  • U.S. Dramatic: Austenland (I can probably recite the BBC Pride and Prejudice script by heart and the still in the guide is hilarious); In A World… (the voice-over profession seems like an interesting setting)
  • U.S. Documentary: 99%-The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film (erm, I guess it’s kind of “in”); After Tiller (the abortion debate is so heated, I always like to get more information); Inequality For All (the connection between inequality and health was one of the major topics of a biology course I took this fall so this caught my eye)
  • World Cinema Dramatic: There Will Come A Day (“she faces the adventure of searching for herself”? I can relate); Wajma (I’ve missed out on a lot of wonderful dramatic Middle Eastern films – Circumstance, notably – and don’t want this to be another)
  • World Cinema Documentary: Google and the World Brain (I like books); The Moo Man (“scene-stealing Ida (queen of the herd),” I’m enchanted already); Salma (it just sounds so powerful); The Square (Al Midan) (will be an interesting follow-up to last year’s 1/2 Revolution)
  • Premieres: Don Jon’s Addiction (Joseph Gordon-Levitt? I’m so there); Sweetwater (I like the Old West and January Jones looks like a badass); The Way, Way Back (I’ll probably be in need of some comic relief)
  • Documentary Premieres: Pandora’s Promise (with an insatiable appetite for energy, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place); The World According to Dick Cheney (how can I not?)
  • Spotlight: Fill The Void (another woman trapped by family and religion, perhaps an interesting juxtaposition to Salma); Mud (when was the last time we saw Matthew McConaughey? oh, yeah)
  • Next: Computer Chess (“an existential comedy,” eh, sure)
  • Park City at Midnight: Ass Backwards (great title); Hell Baby (I like fixer-uppers and Leslie Bibb); Virtually Heros (sounds like a much better version of Wreck It Ralph)
  • New Frontier: Charlie Victor Romeo (intriguing, possibly scarring); New Frontier Shorts (at least everything is shorter than the 39-minute The Monkey King)

This is all very preliminary and probably will completely change as the festival draws near, but I just had to share my excitement and initial impressions. Less than one month until Sundance 2013 starts! See you there!


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