Day 8 – #25, #26, #27

These were Friday’s movies (#s 25, 26 & 27), and I am finally writing this on Sunday.  Clearly I am running out of steam.

Slavery by Another Name (US Documentary): A fine documentary.  It is well made and belongs on PBS.  Explaining in depth the systems of peonage and convict labor which developed in the south after reconstruction, and which formed the basis of economic recovery and expansion, this film could use a follow up documentary which details how these systems developed into our current prison system.

Animation Spotlight:  This group of shorts features several 20-something directors either still in or recently graduated from film school.  In general, they are full of their own creative, esoteric ideas and have not yet developed the maturity needed to communicate them.  They also do not yet understand the value of a ruthless editor.  Most of these shorts would have benefited, and even been quite good, if they were cut by 50 to 75%.

About Face (Documentary Premiere):  Another fine, well made documentary featuring models speaking out about the modeling industry.  They were all cover girls in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and all are well recognized by baby-boomers.  There is no new news: the teen models were exploited; everyone did drugs; sexism was rampant.


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