Day 7 – #21, #22, #23, #24

As the week progresses, it is getting later and later in the day before I can get out the daily update.  And while the haiku-review was a fab idea, it just can’t happen.  On the bright side, I am well on my way to shattering my previous record of 26 films at one Sundance festival.

The Last Elvis (World Dramatic):  Argentinean.  You have to know the basic facts of the life of Elvis Presley (look them up before you go) in order to fully appreciate this film.  If you do, it’s really fantastic.  The film explores taking on alternate identity and distinguishing of it from self.

A Fierce Green Fire (Documentary Premiere):  A history of the environmental movement, this movie complements “Chasing Ice” in that it gives context to the specific work of James Balog.  As a film, it is overblown and chaotic, stuffed with too much material.  It needs a ruthless editor.

Shadow Dancer (Premiere):  The third thriller from the Irish Film Board that I have seen at Sundance.  They’re all great.  This one has to be seen twice to figure out everything that is going on.

5 Broken Cameras (World Documentary):  Like “1/2 Revolution” in Egypt, this is a first hand in-the-moment raw-footage account of Palestinian resistance to Israeli expansion into the West Bank.  Taking place over 5 years, and simultaneously following the early childhood of the film-maker’s 4th son (the original camera was purchased to document his young life), this film shows one point-of-view and one point-of-view only.


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